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The FIT system with the Infiro© mechanism allows you to illuminate each space to your liking thanks to its 360º rotating LED profiles without any type of stop or limitation.
FIT consists of a profile only 16mm wide and 12mm high.
LED profiles can be cut to size to fit any space. The length of each profile can range from 8 to 297 cm.
The FIT system is offered in warm light (2700ºK) and neutral light (4000ºK) and its CRI 97 offers a high-level color rendering.
The Infiro© mechanism requires a false ceiling or pre-installation.
The FIT system allows lighting flush with the ceiling, as well as lowering the lighting profile to a maximum of 200 cm. This height is also made to measure according to the needs of the project.
In addition, the innovative Infiro© system offers us all these advantages within a really minimalist size.

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In the composition of the right image, we can see how the FIT system adapts both to walls or corners and to the need to illuminate a lower space such as a counter or table.
And all this with the possibility of directing the light towards our objective.

FIT has 4 different types of unions of LED profiles:

Simple Union
: allows us to place a profile in a straight line.
«I» Union: allows us to continue a profile in a straight line.
«L» Union: allows us to continue the system at an angle of 90º.
Low Union: allows us to lower the LED profile to a maximum of 2 meters from the ceiling level.

In the images on the right we can see the difference in lighting in the same space using the FIT system and without using it.

The possibility of rotation thanks to the Infiro© mechanism allows us to illuminate a wall behind a bed without causing any discomfort to the user.

FIT vs Spotlight

The difference between FIT and spot-style is that FIT gives a rectangular light spectrum.
For a linear display, it seems much more appropriate to illuminate with a rectangular spectrum rather than with a circular one.

FIT project – by Isabel Gomez Interiors

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