MYO comes from a history of lighting with more than a century of experience. MYO was born with the aim of creating emotional lighting, lighting that goes beyond the function of giving light to the spaces.

We understand that it is in same importance the fact of giving light to the space as the way it is given. The way it creates experiences of living. Therefore, a way to improve the quality of our lives.

We also take care of very important matters regarding the environment and social welfare. All our products are made in Spain by expertise people and following the most strict environmental and human rights established by our society.

When a MYO design is made, we always think of how it will improve the emotions of the final users when enjoying the light.

Light must accomplish the function and function goes beyond lighting.


Aura ceiling light

Juan Orts, the designer


Since 1998 I have been dedicated to create lighting objects. Design has been always in my mind. Year by year I am learning about this passionate world. There is no limit in this field, always a step ahead.

Actually, design has been always part of my life. Since I was 5 with my first sport shoes designs, passing through my graphic designs, clocks, etc… until arriving to light world.

I am Bachelor in Business Administration. After getting my M.B.A. I started to travel with our export company for lighting. Soon, I became aware of the importance of design in the lighting world.

Therefore, I started my Degree in Product Design. After more than 20 years studying the market and creating new designs, I am each day more passionate about lighting.

The reason will take you from A to B. Imagination will take you wherever you want.