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Myo inherits the legacy of over a century of lighting expertise. It arises from the need to create emotional, sensitive lighting beyond functionally illuminating spaces.
All experience is nourished by lights and shadows.
Our interest is born in those life experiences, far from the static, in everything that flows through our senses. A light with soul.
The light must be functional, however, the function goes far beyond lighting.
Light is the halo of seduction that fills an object, a work, an experience with mystery.
Myo is a sustainable company, concerned about the environment, social welfare and human rights.
All our products are made in Spain with the strictest quality, free of any type of human exploitation.
MYO is magic for your senses, it is light with soul.

craft process

Juan Orts, Head designer

I was born among crystals, bronzes, incredible lamps full of history with a long family tradition.
I remember creating since I was five years old, all kinds of objects (watches, sports shoes, signs…) until I discovered my true passion THE LIGHT.
I studied at the state of N.Y. (USA) the degree of Business Administration and Management and when I obtained my degree I began to travel with our lighting company all over the world.
Those experiences shaped my dream of reinventing the light by designing. As a result of that, I decided to obtain my Higher Degree in Product Design.
I feel, as time goes by, more enthusiasm, more dedication, more passion for the fascinating world of lighting.
Imagination moves the world, breaks the limits of logic.

If you can imagine it, you can create it.

Laura Bracho, designer

Laura Bracho is born and grows surrounded by canvases, brushes and dreams. She studied health sciences at the University of Valencia but it was around the year 2010 when she began her career as a designer, artist and creator at the same time. He began designing footwear and in a short time the concept of shoe sculpture was attributed to his creations, influencing the world of fashion with great media repercussion. Design and sculpt haute couture shoes, by hand, completely handmade with gold threads, crystals and all kinds of unique materials. Parades to the rhythm of tango in art galleries, interviews, collaborations and various editions in Valencia Fashion Week with renowned couturiers. Withdrawn from the media, years later she began in the world of product design and creative art direction under the guidance of Juan Orts, Designer and entrepreneur of MYO Spain.
Passionate by birth, creative by inheritance and maker of dreams by instinct.

laura Bracho

aura lighting

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