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MYO products are made by our expert craftmen in our facilities of Valencia, Spain.

MYO process is a combination of hand made products togetther with technology.

Hand made process gives our products exclusivity and humanity. Every product is unique and not just a perfect replicate of another product. Every single product is made by people for people, taking care of you.

This working process will guarantee that our designs keep the magic of light we always aim to offer.

Aura ceiling light
Image of me

Zortom, the designer


Since 1998 I have been dedicated to create ligthing objetcs. Design has been always in my mind. Year by year I am lerning about this passionate world. There is no limit in this field, always a step ahead.

Actually, design has been always part of my life. Since I was 5 with my first sport shoes designs, passing through my graphic designs, clocks, etc… until arriving to light world.

I am Bachelor in Business Administartion. After getting my M.B.A. I started to travel with our export company for lighting. Soon, I became aware of the imprtance of design in the lighting world.

Therefore, I started my Degree in Prodcut Design. After more than 20 years studing the market and creating new designs, I am each day more passionate about lighting.

The reason will take you from A to B. Imagination will take you wherever you want.

aura lighting

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