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Sizigia, conjunction of sun, earth and moon. Mystical invasion of light from a celestial body by another eclipsing one. Bodies that gravitate, that enchant your universe with esotericism and insinuations.

Eclipse wall is made in two different sizes. One size from 20 to 25cm diameter and another size of 25 to 32cm diameter. Eclipse wall is composed by a central disc emitting the light and two external discs diffusing and reflecting the light. The diffusing disc is made with special MYO mesh material and the reflecting disc is made of steel.

You can place the outer external disc in any place you want of the central disc thanks to a magnetic system while the disc closer to the wall is fixed. This way, you can create your own ambiance of light by having indirect or diffused light.

Eclipse comes with a highly powerful LED source.

Combine as many Eclipse as you like to create your own ambiance.

Eclipse, the light in your hands.

MAINTENANCE ZERO: MYO special treated mesh is to be cleaned with a dry cloth or hair dryer only once per year under regular conditions.



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